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notary example

notary example



                                                  NOTARIAL CERTIFICATE

I, Narongsak Sukviboon, a licensed lawyer duly authorized and practicing the Kingdom of Thailand and as a Notarial Serviced Attorney, hereby certify that.

On 2 May 2024, I examined the attached copy of the passport of Mr.A  and compared the same with the documents presented to me as the original documents and found it to be true and complete copy of the original documents presented.

In addition, Mr.A  duly signed his name on the copy of this passport before me in Bangkok, Thailand.





I , Mr. Narongsak  Sukviboon, a notarial  services  attorney,  DO  HEREBY  CERTIFY the genuineness  of the  signature  of  Mrs. A subscribed  to  the  certificate  hereunto  annexed, such as  signature  having  been  this  day subscribed  in  my  presence  by  the  said  Mrs. A ,  Director  of  BB Company Limited

            AND  I  DO  FURTHER  CERTIFY  that, in  accordance  with  the  provisions  of  Thai  laws  

               relating  To  companies,  the  said  director  is  a  proper  and  competent  person  to  issue  such


            IN  FAITH  AND  TESTIMONY  WHEROF  I,  the  said  Notarial  Services  Attorney, named

             And  set  affixed  seal  of  office  at  Bangkok,  Thailand  aforesaid  this  7  day  of  Ferbruary




                                                                                                                     ( Mr. Narongsak  Sukviboon )

                                                                                                                      Notarial  Services  Attorney